Vintage Industrial Pendant Lights

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I looked up into the dark and thought I saw a flying saucer. And not just one flying saucer but twelve.

But I didn’t need to turn the lights on to see that these were vintage industrial pendants. Connected together with industrial metal to form a meteor like orbit, these pendant lights create one grand vintage chandelier. These vintage pendants with milk glass shades can add industrial style to any space. But it better be a large space because this light is big. Hanging in at about six feet in diameter, this chandelier belongs in your favorite local pub or restaurant that has a very high ceiling. Add some vintage Edison bulbs and these pendants will light the way to good food and good times.

So next time you see an unidentified flying object. Think twice, because it might just be closing time.

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Unidentified flying objects

Or vintage pendants

Glass shades

With vintage Edison bulbs

Definitely industrial glass pendants

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