Vintage Industrial Pendant Lights

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Grow Lights?

Our vintage industrial pendant lights may not be Grow Lights but they sure look good with plants.

A Grow Light or sometimes called a Plant Light, is an artificial source of light that helps plants grow using an electromagnetic spectrum that facilitates photosynthesis. That’s a lot of big words. In simpler terms, a Grow Light provides a light spectrum similar to that of the sun that cultivates plant growth. The light spectrum can be tailored to meet the different needs of specific plants by varying the color, temperature and intensity output of the light spectrum. So depending on the growth stage of the plant, a different light spectrum can be used. The germination phase of a plant would require a light spectrum different from that used during the flowering stage of a plant.

But we just like the way these vintage pendants look hanging over a basket of flowers or cut greens from the garden. Hang these industrial lights over the dining room table or the work counter in the kitchen. Place some flowers underneath the lights and maybe they will help them grow. Try it and see for yourself.

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Grow lights?

Or vintage pendants

Either way

They look great with plants

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