Vintage Industrial Pendants

Some people like to put a bowl of fruit on the table but I like to put a bowl of vintage industrial pendants.

Forget hanging your pendant lights from the ceiling because they would look good just about anywhere. Even in a vintage bowl on the dining room table. Made from vintage spools of yarn, these pendants can’t be missed lit up in royal blue yarn. Tradition tells us to use fresh cut flowers on the table or a bowl of ripe fruit. But traditions were made to be broken and this bowl of pendants is an inspiration to vintage industrial design. Of course these lights would look great hanging in a cluster over the dining room table but my vote goes to the vintage bowl. So next time you reach for the fruit look for some vintage industrial pendants.

Does anyone have a needle and thread.

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A bowl of fruit

Or vintage industrial pendants

My vote goes to the pendants

Get inspired

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