Vintage Industrial Reclaimed Wood Mirror

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Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Or I should I say on the floor!

This industrial mirror is big. So big that it stands on the floor. Made from reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from old boats and the docks they moored in, this mirror would look good in any room. Authentic reclaimed wood looks old and still has the scars to prove it. This mirror comes fully equipped with distress marks, imperfections and even a bolt or two. So hang this mirror on the wall or on the floor and it will add real vintage industrial style and make your space look bigger too. If you’re looking for a mirror that will cover a wall and one you can see yourself from head to toe, this is the mirror for you. So when shopping for a mirror, remember mirror, mirror on the floor!

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Mirror, mirror on the floor

Big wall

Big mirror

On the floor

Vintage hats

Vintage wood

And Boy Scouts.

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