Vintage Industrial Rope Chandelier

I was never good at skipping rope.

But I will gladly skip off with this industrial rope chandelier.

Jumping rope can be great cardio excercise and if done properly it can help you burn a lot of calories and improve your overall speed and quickness. I think it’s the same with hanging a chandelier. DIY folks know it’s never that easy to hang a chandelier over the dining room table. It looks easy but for some reason there are always complications. You have to get the light to hang at the correct height above the table and for some reason the chandelier always starts to spin as the ceiling canopy is tightened. You can burn calories just from the stress of getting it done right. But in the end it’s always worth it.

Made from industrial iron with an antique finish, this rectangular chandelier is suspended by four thick ropes made from natural jute. Perfect for over a large rectangle dining table, this rope chandelier will add industrial style to your space. And the fourteen exposed Edison light bulbs will add vintage charm too. So next time you think about getting in shape just try hanging a large rectangular rope chandelier.

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Forget skipping rope

And hang a rope chandelier instead

Industrial strength

With vintage charm

Lose the jump rope

And hang a chandelier

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