Vintage Industrial Rope Chandeliers

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Get tied up!

With our vintage industrial chandeliers.

Made from natural jute rope and industrial strength iron, these chandeliers are ready to tie you up in knots. Each vintage style chandelier is crafted by hand weaving rope in and out of a rust finish iron frame and knotting the ends accordingly. The finished product is a one of a kind industrial built chandelier that will not only light up your room but light up your guests too. You could hang a few of these chandeliers but they’re so big that you really only need one to get that wow factor. Hang these vintage lights over the dining table or to welcome guests in the grand two story foyer. Either way, they will add industrial style to your space. And don’t forget this natural jute rope is biodegradable so these chandeliers are good for the environment too.

Now how do you make a slip knot?

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Get tied up

With these industrial chandeliers

Made with natural jute rope

And industrial strength iron

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