Vintage Industrial Round Mirrors

Take a good hard look in the mirror and what do you see.

I like what I see. A vintage round mirror with a sleek iron frame and a simple design that would go perfect on any wall in the home. I looked again in the mirror and this time I saw my reflection. That was nice but I decided to look again, this time a little closer and I saw a man dressed in blue denim jeans, red high top sneakers and a well fitted thermal shirt. Not bad and I still liked the vintage mirror. So far so good. But for some reason it just wasn’t close enough. I looked harder into the round mirror and I saw a clean shaven face, some wrinkles around the eyes and neatly combed hair. Again, not bad. But something told me that I wasn’t looking hard enough into the round mirror. So this time I took a really hard look into the mirror. I mean I buckled down and took a serious hard look into this mirror. I got so close that my nose was almost touching the mirror and I could see my breath in the glass. I looked so hard that I forgot how much I liked the mirror and suddenly it wasn’t about the mirror at all. And then I saw it.

Take a good hard look in the mirror. Do you like what you see?

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Take a good



Into the mirror

And what do you see?

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