Vintage Industrial School Chairs

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Time out or vintage school chair.

Time out is a form of punishment used by adults to dissuade children from repeating bad behavior. The child is punished by sitting on a chair in the corner for a certain amount of time. Well, if I had a cool vintage school chair like this to sit on, that would be no punishment at all. If fact, I would want to repeat the bad behavior just so I could sit on this vintage school chair again.

These school chairs weren’t always considered vintage. During the last mid century, vintage school chairs like these filled every classroom across the country. Made with solid wood and steel, these school chairs were built industrial strong. So strong that these chairs look as good as new and that’s what makes them in high demand today. Use these school chairs around the kitchen table or fill a restaurant with them. Any way you use these school chairs they will bring vintage style to your space.

So accept your punishment and sit in a vintage school chair today.

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Time out

Or vintage school chair

Made with solid wood

And industrial steel

Time out!

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