Vintage Industrial Search Light

Walk the red carpet with this vintage industrial search light.

It’s Sunday night and we all sit down to watch the award shows. It might be the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes or the Emmys but there’s always a red carpet. And as we watch the stars walk down the runway there are always a few over sized industrial search lights to lead the way. They might be a bit smaller than these vintage search lights but they serve the same purpose. They light up the sky and draw attention to the main attraction. But now you can walk the red carpet in your own home. Or at least pretend to with this vintage industrial light. Use one of these vintage lights on each side of the sofa or in the corner of the den to add industrial style to your space. And if the mood hits you, take a walk on your carpet and be a star.

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Walk the red carpet

In vintage style

And the award goes to

This industrial search light

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