Vintage Industrial Search Lights

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Trying to hail a cab in the rain?

It might be easier to find a pair of vintage industrial search lights.

This collection of vintage taxi cab meters were first used in auto rickshaws. Rickshaws were originally designed to pull passengers by hand in an open carriage on wheels. But in the 1950’s, the motorized rickshaw was introduced in Southeast Asia and it came fully equipped with a mechanical meter with it’s own For Hire sign. Finding a large collection of these cab meters can be difficult but it could be even harder to find a pair of mint condition vintage search lights.

Once used to light the way for shipping vessels on the high seas or your favorite movie star walking the red carpet, these vintage industrial lights can now light up your home. Not sure I would turn these lights on at home as they can handle up to 1,000 watts of light. But these vintage lights would look great just sitting on a console or on each side of the sofa.

So forget hailing that cab and take a walk to find a vintage industrial search light.

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Vintage cab meters

And industrial search lights

Perfect together

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