Vintage Industrial Search Lights

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Size does matter.

When it comes to vintage industrial lighting, bigger is better.

Search lights were once used on sailing vessels to light the way in the darkest of nights. And today they are being used to grace the side of a sofa, sit on a console or rest on a night stand. But obviously a residential living room or bedroom doesn’t need 1,000 watts of light. Instead, these search lights can use a vintage style Edison bulb to cast a warm glow on the floor, ceilings or walls.

Made from a heavy industrial strength metal, these vintage lights have worked hard over the years but they were built to take it. Use these vintage lights on each side of the sofa or place a pair of search lights on a console to greet guests as they enter your home. Either way, these industrial lights will add character and vintage charm to your space. And they will certainly last another few lifetimes.

Now can you turn down those lights.

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Size does matter

When it comes to vintage industrial lighting

Industrial strength search lights

Bigger is better

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