Vintage Industrial Shell Lighting

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Vintage industrial lighting. Well, almost.

The base of this lamp is industrial with it’s heavy rusted metal frame. But the shade, well that’s another story. It’s not vintage and it’s not industrial, but it is very cool. The shade on this table lamp is made from real beach shells. And each shell is connected to the next and strung together to create a one of a kind shade for this industrial light. I also like how each shell is purposely strung with the inside facing out making this one very unique lamp. Not industrial lighting but I could see using this light in my own home. So next time you take that stroll along the beach, look down and grab a few shells. You can always try making your own vintage industrial shell lamp!

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Cool vintage industrial shell lamp

Made from real beach shells

I like how the inside faces out

I think I’ll make my own!

Did you miss the vintage riding boots?

Of course you’ll need a saddle and a riding hat

This industrial light comes as a floor lamp too

Who would have thought?

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