Vintage Industrial Stage Lighting

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All the world’s a stage.

Hats off to William Shakespeare. If it weren’t for him we may never have had these great vintage industrial lights. Made for the stage in the early part of the last century, these lights are heavy and industrial. There is no play acting with these lights, they are built tough and can handle the hardest of audiences. Play openings or closings, these industrial lights will outperform any ordinary table or floor lamp. And the word intermission is not in their vocabulary. Just think how well they could light up your home.

Get ready for Act I and set the stage for your home with vintage industrial lighting. The right lighting can make or break a room and these industrial lights will bring the house down, figuratively speaking of course. So next time you are in the market for some lighting, think vintage industrial and you won’t be disappointed. Curtains up!

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Vintage industrial lighting

Fit for any stage

Made from industrial metal

Not Shakespeare!

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