Vintage Industrial Steamship Painting

Bon voyage to this vintage luxury steamship.

Bon voyage was originally a French phrase borrowed by Americans to wish ship travelers a safe and enjoyable trip. Family, friends and well wishers gather at the dock in large crowds cheering soon to be travelers as they stand on the upper decks of the steamship. Flags are waiving, balloons are flying and the crowd is excited to see their friends ready to travel the high seas. Ship passengers respond with jubilation as they raise their glasses to toast the trip as though it were the ship‘s maiden voyage. Now I’ve been on cruise ships before and not once have I experienced this frenzy of euphoria. But I’m going to pretend that it does happen and that I was a happy passenger on this vintage steamship. Hand painted in oil on reclaimed metal, this over sized painting can hang on any wall in the home or commercial space. Behind the sofa, the bar in the man cave or in the den, this industrial oil painting will add vintage style to your space.

All aboard that’s coming aboard!

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Bon voyage

And have a safe journey

With this vintage steamship

Hand painted in oil

On reclaimed metal

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