Vintage Industrial Steel Trunks

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How many kinds of trunks are there?

There are bathing trunks, elephant trunks, car trunks and steamer trunks. But what I like best are vintage industrial steel trunks.

Steel trunks were traditionally used to store tools and other valuable items but have recently been used for storing clothes, toys and other items around the home. But steel trunks can be repurposed as a side table or even a coffee table. Sometimes vintage trunks were made in different colors so they can be a cool accent to any room adding real industrial style. And these trunks were built strong so kick back and put your feet up.

Next time you go shopping for swimming trunks or boxing trunks, think vintage industrial steel trunks!

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Industrial steel trunks

They’re vintage

They’re colorful

And they’re strong!

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