Vintage Industrial Stool and Bench

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Mellow yellow.

Not actually. These vintage wood benches are painted yellow and they are anything but mellow. There is nothing like distressed paint on wood. It shows that these vintage benches were once used and enjoyed by families for years at the dinner table or outside at the picnic table. Wood benches have become a great alternative solution to the need for more seating at the dinner table.

But let’s not forget the vintage industrial metal stools. These stools were pained too and they show their age. From the look of these stools, their paint color has changed a few times probably depending on the mood of the prior owners. Industrial stools also make for great seating at the table or even the work desk. They adjust in height as well to make for added comfort by all. So break out those paint cans and don’t be afraid to go a little mellow yellow with your stools or benches.

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Vintage wood benches

Painted in mellow yellow

With signs of age

Vintage industrial stools

Made from heavy metal

With distressed paint

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