Vintage Industrial Stools and Burlap

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A great combination.

Vintage industrial stools with burlap upholstered seats. Burlap is showing up everywhere these days. It’s now the fabric of choice among decorators going for that vintage industrial style. There are burlap ottomans, burlap pillows and now burlap seats.

Vintage industrial stools were never built with upholstered seats. They were always made with industrial metal and solid wood seats or backs. But now there’s a new twist to industrial style, just add vintage burlap. Burlap is a great fabric choice for going green. It’s biodegradable so it’s good for the environment. And it looks good too. Once used to package and carry produce, these burlap seats can now carry your precious cargo. So think twice before choosing that hand embroidered crewel work pattern and go burlap!

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Vintage industrial stools

With a new twist

Vintage burlap

Industrial metal

On a vintage wood table

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