Vintage Industrial Swivel Bar Stool

Foot stool, step stool or vintage industrial swivel bar stool. This is an easy one. It’s a bar stool. But not any ordinary bar stool. It’s an exact replica of that used in the early 1900’s in factories and manufacturing plants. It was popular because of it’s many functions in the workplace. It could accommodate almost any task because it adjusts up or down in height. It can swivel from side to side. And more importantly, the foot rail adjusts with the desired height. Necessary variations when factory workers would sit all day performing tedious tasks with only a coffee and lunch break. Unlike today’s work environment, you were there to work and play time was not a factor. And to ease the long day this stool comes with a much needed contoured support for the back. It’s also built strong with floor industrial strength steel legs and a hard oak wood seat.

Vintage industrial Swivel Bar Stool

It was not that long ago that all you needed in a kitchen were chairs around the table. But today’s modern kitchen comes equipped with much more. There are kitchen islands, bar counters and even bar height tables. It might sound good but it takes some work to find the right height seat for each counter top. That’s why an adjustable stool is the easy solution. Counter, island or bar height, this stool can do it all. Long gone are the days working in a factory. Now it’s time to hang out with family and friends in the kitchen. A swivel here and a swivel there. This stool is happy to make your life more comfortable. Now let’s have that cup of coffee.

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vintage industrial swivel bar stool
Built industrial strong



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