Vintage Industrial Swivel Bar Stool

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Ready to swivel?

There’s nothing like hanging out on a bar stool that swivels. Great for your work desk when you want to catch that breaking news on TV or sitting at the bar talking to your friends beside you. No need to get up, just plant those feet on the foot rest and start swiveling.

Made from metal and wood, vintage industrial stools were built to last. The industrial metal is heavy and can take the wear and tear of family living or the hustle and bustle of a restaurant or commercial space. I think the best part of an industrial stool is the back rest. Adding support and some unique character, a back rest is always welcome when wanting to hang out with friends or working in the office. So next time you go shopping for a bar stool, try a little swivel!

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Vintage industrial swivel stool

With adjustable back rest

Cool vintage file cabinet

Great vintage metal

And nice wood

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