Vintage Industrial Swivel Stools

Are you ready for a stool sample. No, not that kind.

A sample of a vintage industrial swivel stool. These industrial stools are real vintage and what makes them unique is finding six identical stools. It’s hard to find that many of the same stool these days. And we won’t mention the price for a rare vintage find like this. Instead, we’ll say how well these stools were built nearly a century ago. Made from industrial grade metal, these stools were built to last which is evident in their almost mint condition. Stools that swivel are perfect for the home or commercial space. Use these vintage stools at the kitchen island for family to gather and swivel comfortably while they talk to each other. Or use these vintage stools at the bar in your local pub for patrons to swivel side to side as they chat with friends or a new acquaintance. Either way these swivel stools will add real vintage industrial style to your room.

Get swiveling.

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Are you ready for a stool sample

With these vintage industrial stools

Made from industrial grade metal

Get swiveling

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