Vintage Industrial Table Lamp

Why buy three lamps when you can have all three in one vintage industrial table lamp. Three vintage Edison light bulbs with a neon blue electrical cord will add real industrial style to your table.

The exposed vintage light bulbs make this table lamp unique and we have Thomas Edison to thank for that. Thomas Edison was an American inventor that greatly influenced life around the world. In particular, one of his greatest accomplishments was the electric light bulb. Today we take the common light bulb for granted but we can’t imagine our everyday lives without it. Edison also invented the phonograph, sound recording and motion pictures. In all, Thomas Edison had over two thousand patents of which one thousand were in the United States. He was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large scale teamwork to his inventions and for that he is credited with the first industrial research laboratory. So we have a lot to thank him for but I am most thankful for his light bulbs in this vintage industrial table lamp. Use this lamp in an industrial or contemporary space. It can flank either side of the bed, the sofa or it can stand alone as a tribute to Thomas Edison and the Industrial Revolution. Either way this lamp will provide plenty of lighting for whatever you need to get done. As for me, I just like looking at it. Hats off to Mr. Edison.

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vintage industrial table lamp
Why buy three lamps
vintage industrial table lamp
When you can have all three in one
vintage industrial table lamp
With this vintage industrial table lamp
vintage industrial table lamp
Thank you Thomas Edison