Vintage Industrial Task Lamp

If you’ve got the task, we’ve got the vintage industrial task lamp for you. Task lighting illuminates a space to better accomplish a specific work activity. But the amount of light is not the only factor that contributes to good lighting. Contrast is equally as important. A poorly positioned table lamp can reduce contrast and lower overall visibility. So the most important aspect of task lighting is not to increase the amount of light but to improve contrast through positioning of the lamp. Task lighting focuses the light where it is most needed and general lighting in the space can then be reduced. After all, it’s about getting the job done and not how much light is in the room.

Vintage Industrial Task Lamp

Vintage task lamps gained popularity out of necessity during the Industrial Revolution. Manufacturing was not automated as it is today with machines and computers so everyone had a manual job to do. Many manufacturing and factory jobs were intricate and time consuming that required good lighting to get the job done right. Task lighting spread from the factory to the doctor’s office with examination lights, surgical lights and the ever popular dentist’s light. Eventually, task lamps became a staple in the home for reading, sewing, writing and even small repair jobs. Use this table lamp where you need it the most, by a reading chair, the night stand or even the computer. Any way you decide to use this lamp it will add plenty of light and vintage industrial style to your space. Now stay focused and let’s get to the task at hand.

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vintage Industrial Tasl Lamp
Get to the task at hand



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