Vintage Industrial Tea Party

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Want to join the tea party?

Not the Republican tea party, a real old fashioned tea party.

Explore your inner vintage self and you might be surprised at the results. If you have a favorite vintage collection, take it out of the closet and show it off. Vintage industrial design gives you the freedom to express yourself and turn an ordinary space into vintage greatness.

Take those vintage teacups and teapots out of the cabinet and hang them proudly on the wall. Why wait for a tea party when you can have one every day. Whether it’s a collection of industrial metal buckets, vintage champagne bottles or Darjeeling tea boxes from London, put them out so you can enjoy them with family and friends.

So next time you rally for the tea party, make sure it’s the real deal, shop vintage.

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Want to join the tea party?

Everyone is invited

Get inspired

And turn the ordinary

Into vintage greatness

Pop the champagne!

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