Vintage Industrial Upholstered Sofa

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Don’t go postal.

When you see this industrial strength sofa upholstered in vintage postal sacks.

Built with kiln dried hard wood on a hand made frame with eight way hand tied cotton webbing, this sofa is industrial strong and suitable for commercial use. Of course this sofa can used in the home but it can take the up and down non stop seating from a busy commercial restaurant. But the best part of this industrial sofa is the upholstered fabric. Vintage postal sacks from the US Mail system have been stretched and secured with metal rivets to create a one of a kind sofa. This sofa is built long and high to accommodate large parties and to provide just the right amount of privacy for discerning patrons. Use this sofa with an over sized table for commercial dining or use it in the sitting room for your own family. Either way this upholstered sofa will add true vintage style to your space.

Now, did the mail come yet?

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I’m ready to go postal

Over this commercial grade sofa

Built industrial strong

With vintage postal sacks

And metal rivets

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