Vintage Industrial Wall Art

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We love our cell phones.

But does anyone remember the rotary phone?

If not, check out this industrial wall art of vintage rotary phones. If you like vintage industrial design, don’t forget to decorate the walls in your space with vintage art. For those that never used a vintage phone, here’s Lesson 101 in rotary phones.

To dial a number, put your finger in the corresponding finger hole and rotate the dial clockwise until it reaches the finger stop. Then pull your finger out and a spring in the dial will return it to the resting position. For example, if you dial the number ‘6’, electrical contacts wired inside the phone will open and close six times as the dial returns to the home position while sending six electrical pulses to the phone company.

So what did we do before cell phones? A lot of dialing!

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Vintage wall art

Recognize these?

Vintage rotary phones

Get dialing!

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