Vintage Industrial Wall Art

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Architectural drawings or wall art?

Vintage drawings that were once used to make wrought iron lighting fixtures and accessories for the home can now decorate your walls for real vintage industrial style.

If you want vintage industrial style for the home don’t rely only on rusted metal stools, industrial consoles and vintage lighting. What goes on the walls is just as important to complete vintage decor for your space. Look around the home, your local flea market or antique center and think outside the box, or in this case, outside the frame. Wall art doesn’t always have to be sunsets and family photos. Check out these vintage drawings that were piled on a table. They are vintage and have an industrial feel to them. I like that they are faded to perfect vintage brown with folds and tears in all the right places. Take a  vintage print like this and frame it on the wall. Use one print or line them all up. Any way you hang them, these vintage drawings will add real vintage industrial style to your space. I think I was just framed!

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Architectural drawings

They are vintage

With industrial style

Get framed!

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