Vintage Industrial Warehouse Lights

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Get the Rustoleum?

No way, I would leave these vintage industrial warehouse lights just the way they are.

The beauty of vintage lighting is that they remain in tact without improvements or alterations. Showing  some wear and tear from use and the natural elements makes these lights all the more appealing. Vintage finds are reminiscent of our past and bring a sense of history to the home. These lights once hung in a factory or warehouse where there was no rest for the weary, even the lights. Men and women needed light to conduct work across the factory floor and these lights were there to show the way.

Mix these vintage lights in with a brand new kitchen, a reclaimed wood dining table and an apron front farmhouse sink and you’ll add real charm and vintage style to your space.

So next time you reach for that can of rustoleum, think twice and decorate with vintage industrial style.

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Need rustoleum?

No way

Vintage warehouse lights

Look great just the way they are

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