Vintage Industrial Warehouse Lights

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You can never hang enough.

Vintage warehouse lights.

Factories and warehouses can be large so they need big lights to avoid mishaps and accidents. Back in the early 1900’s, warehouses were filled with plenty of industrial strength lights. Hung high above the worker bees and equipment, these vintage lights had to be big to shed ample light on the floor beneath them. The warehouse was responsible for packaging, shipping and receiving so there was a lot going on. Workers would perform multiple tasks so good lighting was essential to provide visibility, safety and performance.

Our homes may sometimes seem like a busy factory with family members and kids running back and forth and in and out. So warehouse lights could be a good solution. But they also add a lot of vintage industrial style to your space. Just like in the warehouse, hang these lights high above your work stations in the kitchen or go industrial over the dining room table. Either way, these warehouse lights will add unique vintage style.

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You can never hang enough

Warehouse lights

They’re vintage

And industrial

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