Vintage Industrial Warehouse Pendants

History dictates that vintage industrial warehouse pendants come in only one color and that color is black. We are breaking tradition with the finish on these vintage warehouse pendants. In the early part of the 19th century, factories and warehouses were filled with pendant lighting. Some pendants were small and others very large. They provided the necessary light for factory workers to do their jobs. Warehouses were not built to have a lot of windows that would provide natural light. The walls were needed for shelving to stack and store products, parts and consumer goods. Adding windows was considered a wasteful use of that space. So light fixtures became integral to the successful operation of a warehouse or factory. Vintage warehouse pendants filled this role well because their shape would disperse the light to large areas. The bigger the dome the more light that was dispersed onto the factory floor. It’s the same with these vintage pendants.

Vintage Industrial Warehouse Pendants

Made with iron and an enamel finish, these vintage warehouse pendants now come in three colors. Hang a white pendant in the girl’s bedroom, a green pendant in the boy’s bedroom or hang three black pendants over the work island in the kitchen. These pendants will provide plenty of light for your rooms but they will also add vintage industrial style to your space. Go ahead and break tradition.

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vintage industrial warehouse pendants
Now in three colors



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