Vintage Industrial Wood and Metal Bookcase

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Survival guide for camping.

Map and compass,
Torch and whistle,
First aid kit,
Swiss army knife,
And an industrial crystal chandelier!

Who says camping can’t be comfortable? Pitch the tent, start the fire and hang an industrial crystal chandelier. But don’t forget to pack a generator as you’ll need it to light this big chandelier. And while you’re at it, load up an industrial size bookcase. Made from reclaimed wood and industrial strength metal, this bookcase is perfect for storing those camping cushions. And when you bring it back home, pack this bookcase with your favorite books or collectibles. Bookcases are a great accent to any wall and a good solution to storage.

So next time you go camping, remember your survival guide and a big industrial bookcase. Now where are those marshmallows!

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Pitch the tent

And hang the chandelier

Plenty of light

And plenty of storage

Get camping!

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