Vintage Industrial Wood and Metal Dining Table

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All dressed up.

Ever get dressed up with no place to go? Well these industrial iron and reclaimed wood tables are dressed up in all the trappings and they have somewhere to go, into your home. Vintage industrial furniture does not have to be surrounded by nuts and bolts in the factory. Instead, you can dress them up with flowers, vases, trays and whatever else you have in your home.

Just take a look at this industrial coffee table. It looks right at home in front of the sofa. And this industrial dining table looks ready to serve up meals to family and friends. Both tables are ready to take the wear and tear of everyday family living. Made from heavy industrial metal and reclaimed wood, these tables will last for years to come. It just goes to prove that you can take the industrial table out of the factory but you can’t take the factory out of the table. Go vintage industrial!

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Industrial dining table

All dressed up

Made with reclaimed wood and heavy metal

Industrial coffee table

Made with reclaimed wood and heavy metal

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