Vintage Industrial Wood and Metal Stool

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It’s just a simple wood and metal stool. But I really like everything about this vintage industrial stool.

This stool has a heavy solid metal base with a painted red finish that shows it’s years of work. This stool has been used and it shows. I like that the paint is worn off and the metal is starting to rust. And I like the wood seat on this stool even more. It’s made with pieced wood that is extra thick and the wood grain on the sides makes it all the better. But let’s not forget the great industrial metal plaque that bears the factory name from which it came made of heavy industrial metal. I could see using these stools at the kitchen table, desk or in the living space when extra seating is needed. So next time you think a chair is needed in that empty space, think vintage industrial work stool!

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Vintage industrial wood and metal stool

This stool was made to work

I really like the pieced wood

And the vintage industrial plaque seals the deal!

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