Vintage Industrial Wood and Metal Table

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Going up?

Not in this elevator. It’s missing the control gear.

Instead, this vintage elevator gear is taking a well deserved break on this industrial wood and metal table. It’s hard work going up and down all day! It doesn’t get more industrial than this. If you are looking for industrial style in your home, go hunting for vintage industrial gears and cranks. They can make great artwork in your home and vintage finds like this one always look good displayed on an industrial table like this.

Made with a heavy metal base with the original paint still on it, this industrial table can be used as an accent table in any room. I like the vintage wood top and this table can certainly hold a very heavy elevator crank. So next time you step into an elevator think of the vintage industrial parts that make it easier than taking the stairs three flights up. Going up? Yes I am!

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Vintage industrial table

Holding a vintage elevator control

Made with heavy industrial metal

And cool gears

Original paint finish on this vintage table

Sale price?

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