Vintage Industrial Wood and Metal Trunks

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We’re having a trunk sale!

And all we’re selling are vintage metal trunks. Sorry no clothes on sale here. Generally, a trunk sale sells retail merchandise to family, friends and valued customers in advance of a sale to the public.

But if you’re lucky enough to find a set of matching wood and metal trunks like these, don’t wait for a sale, buy them right now. Once used to store and transport precious cargo, these vintage trunks have served the public well. These trunks are now ready to relax in the warmth and comfort of your home as an end table, coffee table or even extra seating.

So next time you run to a trunk sale, slow down, it’s just a trunk!

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Is it a trunk sale?

Or just trunks

Vintage trunks

Made of wood and metal

With a cool vintage lantern

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