Vintage Industrial Wood Bookcase

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No books? No worries.

Who needs books when you have a Kindle or IPad. So what do you do with that vintage industrial bookcase?

Hard cover books and the printed word will soon become a thing of the past so start getting used to drinking your morning coffee without the newspaper. But you can still enjoy the beauty of an industrial bookcase. Made with reclaimed wood that was salvaged from old boat docks on an industrial strength steel frame, this vintage style bookcase can certainly hold more than a few books.

Fill your bookcase with your favorite collectables. Vintage luggage, old typewriters or cool hat boxes will all look great. Whatever your passion, display your vintage finds with a big industrial bookcase. It will cover that big wall space and add vintage style to your room.

Now where did I leave that IPad?

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No books?

No worries

Fill your bookcase

With your favorite vintage finds

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