Vintage Industrial Wood Coffee Table

Move out of the way or this vintage industrial wood coffee table will roll right over you. Inspired by the vintage wood carts that carried goods and produce across the factory floor, this coffee table will feel right at home in your living room or den. Made from reclaimed wood and heavy iron, this table is going green. But what I like best are the wood rollers that ground this coffee table to your space. Sure you can roll it around but these rollers make this table industrial strong. No need to have it carry groceries from the car or snacks from the kitchen, just kick back and put your feet up because that’s what this coffee table does best. It was good enough for our industrial factories so this table is good enough for your home. Now let’s get rolling and shop vintage industrial for your next coffee table.

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Industrial cart coffee table

With wine glasses

Made with reclaimed wood

And heavy iron

Get rolling!

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