Vintage Industrial Wood Dining Table

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Big lights, big chairs and a big table.

A big chandelier over the dining table can make the room. But sometimes it works to go big with all of your furniture even if the room is small. This room can only fit one big table and some big chairs but that’s all it needs to make it a great space for dining and entertaining.

Made from solid pine, this table top is thick and it sits on a heavy iron base with a cool zinc finish. At over 7 feet long, this wood dining table is built industrial strong and can easily accommodate a sofa and big comfortable chairs for plenty of seating. And you might notice that this dining table has passed on the traditional glass vase of colorful flowers. Instead, hang some vintage zinc metal buckets from the ceiling and fill them with some not so traditional flowers.

Next time you shop for a dining table that is just the right size, skip the flowers and go big with vintage industrial style.

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Big chandelier

Big seating

Big flowers

Well, some type of flowers

And a big vintage industrial dining table

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