Vintage Industrial Wood Dining Table

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Go big or go home.

No one likes to sit at the kids table, not even the kids!

We celebrate the holidays and special occasions sitting around the dining room table with family and friends. So why don’t we ever have a table big enough to enjoy those special times. Now there’s a solution to breaking out the folding table and extra chairs to fit the whole family.

This vintage industrial dining table is big enough for the entire family and some neighbors too. Made with reclaimed wood and a heavy iron base, this dining table will accommodate all your guests. This table is big but it’s unique in that it cranks up to bar height. If you feel like throwing a party, this table doubles as a bar counter. So forget the chairs and crank this industrial table up to serve plenty of food and drinks. Dinner parties, special occasions or just casual dining, any way you use this dining table will bring vintage industrial style to your space.

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Who needs a kids table

With this big dining table

Made with reclaimed wood

And industrial style

Crank it up!

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