Vintage Industrial Wood Gears

Get geared up for these vintage industrial wood gears. That’s right. We suggest using industrial gears to accent your home. Forget the vase with flowers, books on the coffee table and or silver serving tray. Instead, go industrial with the real deal. Vintage artifacts from the Industrial Revolution can be the perfect accessory to either an industrial or contemporary space. Real vintage industrial wood gears on display are not only authentic but create a unique display that will not go unnoticed.

Vintage Industrial Wood Gears

The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in history that affected almost every aspect of our daily lives. It marked the transition from hand production methods to automated machines with new chemical and manufacturing processes. The result was increased use of steam power, the development of machine tools and the rise of the factory. It’s been noted that the Industrial Revolution raised the standard of living for the general population consistently for the first time in history. It created a demand for metal parts used in machinery, particularly for cutting metal. Until then, the use of metal in making products was kept to a minimum as it was difficult to work with. The Revolution changed all that and wood became secondary to the use of metal. Not only were products being mass produced using metal but the machines used were industrial metal beasts. Big and bulky, these machines were tough and they worked hard. Just look at these vintage gears that came from one of these machines. They were the power that made it run. Now retired, these vintage finds can rest comfortably on your table or console. The wear and tear adds to their charm but they also tell a story related to American history. So go vintage industrial and join the Revolution.

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vintage industrial wood gears
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