Vintage Industrial Wood Lighting

The tables are turned.

And wood table legs are transformed into vintage industrial lighting. Floating wood table legs may not be your thing but it just goes to show what a little imagination can do. Why settle for industrial lighting that is straight off the showroom floor and probably hanging in your neighbors dining room too. I’m not one for housing developments where the only difference in curb appeal is the color of your vinyl siding. So it becomes even more important to differentiate ourselves with our choice of interior decor. Start with lighting and choose one of your favorite vintage finds to make a one of a kind lighting display for your front foyer, kitchen or dining room. Use vintage metal buckets, glass mason jars or even some old vintage table legs to make your home unforgettable. Drill a hole into these wood table legs, add a lighting kit and stagger these legs at varying heights over the family dining table. It’s that easy.

Now why is the dining room table sitting on the floor.

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The tables are turned

And they’re floating in air

Wood table legs

Vintage light bulbs

And a pair of lions

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