Vintage Industrial Iron Mirror

What would we do without mirrors.

We would probably be a lot less self-conscious. We use mirrors for our everyday grooming needs; shaving, applying make up and styling our hair. Where would a bathroom be without a mirror. But mirrors play a significant role in interior design. Hang a large iron frame mirror on the wall and your room instantly appears larger. Use a mirror in the entryway of your home or over the sofa in the living room. Any where you hang a mirror it will appear larger and it’s also an opportunity to check yourself out one last time. When you’re ready to leave, grab the keys and make that last minute check in the mirror. And don’t think you can only hang one iron frame mirror. The more mirrors, the larger the room.

So get hanging those mirrors but please, no mirrors on the ceiling.

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What would we do without mirrors

Be a lot less self conscious

Vintage style

Built industrial strong

Get hanging

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