Vintage Industrial Wood Stools

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A mirror and a step stool are an unlikely pair.

One hangs on the wall and the other sits on the floor. But bring them together and they add real vintage charm to your room.

These vintage stools are done being stepped on and ready to take some time off. Proudly displayed in front of this vintage palladian mirror, these stools can now be used as an accent in this vintage space. Step stools come in handy when trying to clean those hard to reach places and these industrial stools have been stepped on plenty of times. Made from solid wood and painted in different colors, these stools show years of wear and tear from hard work. Now it’s time for these vintage stools to take a break and be admired for more than a good stool to step on.

So next time you pull that stool from the closet, watch your step!

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A Palladian mirror

And vintage step stools

Make an unlikely pair

You can look

But don’t step

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