Vintage Iron Candle Chandeliers

What do you get when you combine three vintage iron candle chandeliers, two large wall mirrors and eight outdoor wood planter boxes. A great looking space. It may sound like an unlikely combination but somehow it all works. Not that your dining room should look this way but I wouldn’t mind sitting down here for a dinner party or two. This picture might be staged but isn’t that what we do in our own living spaces.

Vintage Iron Candle Chandeliers

Tradition dictates that the sofa goes on the main wall flanked by two side tables. The opposite might have a large screen TV with two wing chairs used for either friendly conversation or television viewing. Side tables would have reading tables and of course in the middle of all this would be the familiar coffee table. To be used for anything and everything but drinking coffee. The same holds true for the formal dining room. A large table in the middle either rectangle, round or square, depending on the size of the room. Surrounded by chairs, two with arms and the others without. And to top it all off would be a single chandelier hanging over the center of the table. Very predictable. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Hang three vintage iron candle chandeliers over the table and you instantly transform an ordinary space into extraordinary. Family and friends might even sit a little longer after desert is served because it’s a cool space just to look at. So next time you decide to decorate your room. Or think that planter boxes can only be used outside. Be different and set your style apart from the others. Hang one, two or even three vintage chandeliers. Dinner is served.

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vintage iron candle chandeliers
Picture perfect!



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