Vintage Landscape Oil Painting

Paint by numbers or a vintage landscape oil painting. I’m not sure but this vintage painting sure looks good. And it’s big so even a paint by numbers would be a big accomplishment. I had no idea that paint by number works were so sought after. In fact, there are paint by number collections in the Smithsonian Museum of American History and The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Who knew. There is also a Paint by Number Museum in Massachusetts. It was started by a private collector of over 6,000 paint by number works dating back to the 1950’s. Most pieces were found on Ebay and from private collectors.

Vintage Landscape Oil Painting

In 1951, the Palmer Paint Company introduced the Craft Master brand which sold over 12 million paint by number kits. The paint kit box tops read ‘a beautiful oil painting the first time you try.’ Not a bad marketing pitch for those that struggle with a canvas and paintbrush. The public response was so strong that other companies soon introduced their own version of paint by number kits. And before long, paint by numbers became a household name. Max Klein invented the paint kit and upon his death in 1993, his daughter donated the company archives to the Smithsonian Museum. The archives are designated as collection #544 and are available for viewing by the public and research staff. In 2011, the Palmer Paint Company introduced a new 60th anniversary paint by numbers set. This set was created in memory of the September 11, 2001 victims and depicts the Twin Towers standing proud in the Manhattan Skyline. Now that’s a picture I would like to paint. God bless.

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Vintage Landscape Oil Painting
Paint by numbers or Vintage Landscape Oil Painting



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