Vintage Lantern Pendant Lights

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Double your pleasure, double your fun.

With these vintage pendant lights. It was back in 1956 when the Wrigley Company first launched it’s advertising campaign for Doublemint gum. They used twins as the spokespersons for their brand as a play on the word double in name of the gum. It must have been effective because we can still recall the snappy jingle today. I’m not big on chewing gum but I sure like these vintage pendants.

Made from hand carved wood with glass windowpanes, these vintage lights are shaped similar to vintage lanterns. But rather than resting on the table top, these lanterns hang from above the table as pendant lights. And when one pendant just won’t do sometimes you need to double your fun with two vintage lights. Hang two pendants over the kitchen island or over the dining room table and they will be sure to look good.

Double your pleasure with vintage lantern pendants.

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Double your pleasure

Double your fun

With vintage pendant lights

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