Vintage Leather Boxing Gloves

Just like this pair of vintage leather boxing gloves, you have to know when to hang it up. We often think of hanging it up or retirement in terms of sportsmen like boxers or football players. Their professional careers start early right out of college. They work hard when their bodies and skills are at their peak performance. But after a decade of taking it on the chin their endurance to throw a punch or kick a ball wanes. It’s no surprise as the competition is fierce and there is always someone younger looking to take your place. It’s the nature of the game. But hanging it up doesn’t apply only to sports and competition.

Vintage Leather Boxing Gloves

An argument with a family member, friend, teacher or complete stranger. We’ve all had one. The discussion that turns sour and seems to never end. What started out as an exchange of opinions soon turns emotional with raised voices and an occasional insult thrown in for good measure. Rather than agreeing to disagree both parties argue to make their point. Each feels compelled to win the other person over to their way of thinking. And they are in it to win it. Somewhere along the line this point became significantly important and there is no backing down by either side. Unfortunately, it’s often not that important at all. That’s when it’s time to be the bigger person. Smile, shake hands and walk away. It’s more important to keep relationships than lose them over just one idea, opinion or thought. Does it really matter. Time to hang it up.

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vintage leather boxing gloves
Know when to hang it up



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