Vintage Leather Luggage

Vintage leather luggage can tell you a lot about a person. But let’s not go there just yet. Yes, we all have our own individual style that’s reflected in our hair style, the clothing we wear and the homes we live in. So it makes sense that we would do the same with the luggage we carry through the airport and the places we like to visit. But I think this vintage luggage has one thing in common. Their owners were rich.

Vintage Leather Luggage

Think about it. Back in the day there was no carry on luggage. No wheels, no extension handles and no lightweight synthetic materials. Instead, this luggage was built to last with solid wood edges to protect the precious contents. Durable leather exteriors with hand made straps and real solid brass hardware to secure the items safely inside. All this sounds good but how did they carry it. Sure they were built to last but not built to be carried from terminal A to the parking garage. That’s where the money comes in. It was mostly the wealthy that could afford to travel. And when they did it wasn’t with just one bag. There were small bags, large suitcases and even steamer trunks. And they didn’t carry it all themselves. They paid porters to help them in the airport, through the airport and to their hotels. So it didn’t matter if they over packed because it wasn’t on their shoulders. Fortunately, luggage manufacturers thought about the less fortunate traveler and so the carry on was invented. Pack it all in one suitcase because there’s no one there to help and get rolling.

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Vintage Leather Luggage
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