Vintage Leather Luggage and Factory Cart

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If it were up to me, I would carry these vintage leather bags all through the airport and proudly display the cool stickers as to where I had been. But I would need a few of them to hold all my things and an industrial cart to haul them through the terminal. Think anyone would notice?

Black nylon, canvas and wheels are much more practical and cost effective these days and if you don’t have them, you don’t look like an experienced traveler. I think the best part of vintage leather luggage are the unusual and colorful decals that are plastered all over them. And better yet, they are always a great conversation starter. So how did you like the Hotel Paix?

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vintage leather luggage

Going somewhere? Vintage leather luggage

vintage leather luggage

Check out the bag on the bottom

vintage leather luggage

This luggage is solid wood

vintage leather luggage

Africa anyone?

vintage leather luggage

Or the Palace Hotel

vintage leather luggage

I think Casablanca with this white luggage bag

vintage leather luggage

Great travel bag

vintage leather luggage

And nice vintage leather

vintage leather luggage

Please wait while I get my valise!

industrial factory cart shelf

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