Vintage Leather Medicine Balls

Vintage leather medicine balls or extra strength Excedrin. Can I have both? I had the recent pleasure of partaking in physical therapy with a licensed professional. And believe me it was no pleasure. One hour three times a week. Medicine balls, elastic bands, heating pads, cold compresses and a whole lot of exercise. Don’t get me wrong. Physical therapy can help with sports injuries but you quickly learn that patience is a virtue and a few aspirin can go a long way. Nursing an injury back to health can be painful but you know the old adage. No pain no gain. So how did the medicine ball get its name.

Vintage Leather Medicine Balls

The medicine ball was invented by Robert Jenkins back in 1876. Jenkins is also credited with invention of the sandbox. We’ve all played in that at one time or another. Hopefully not as adults. The name medicine ball was used as a play on words from medicine bag. It resembled the leather and stitching from our native American culture. Medicine balls are made in the shape of basketballs and are up to 14 inches in diameter. They come in different weights between two and twenty five pounds. The balls are commonly used in the field of sports medicine for rehabilitation and strength training but lately have made a comeback at the gym. Today they are used in plyometric weight training which trains your muscles to extend and contract in a rapid explosive manner. I think I’ll sit this one out. Instead, I just want to sit on this vintage leather club chairs in my vintage man cave.

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vintage leather medicine balls
Break out the medicine balls




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