Vintage Leather Suitcases

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How did people travel before there was carry on luggage.

Or for that matter, any luggage or suitcase that didn’t have wheels. Well, the hotel bellhops and the porters at airport terminals were very busy. If you were traveling on a long vacation with a Brady Bunch style family there was no way you could carry your own luggage in and out of a taxi or through a busy airport.

These vintage leather suitcases could hold a lot of clothes and souveniers but it was near impossible to carry more than two at a time and even that was difficult. Today, we have the infamous carry on luggage with sport wheels and a retractable handle making it easy to wheel your personal belongings from Terminal A to Terminal D. We’ve also learned to pack more efficiently and to wear the same shirt or blouse more than once while on vacation. But unfortunately, carry on luggage would not look as good stacked on a bookcase in your den as these vintage suitcases. Display a large collection of leather suitcases on your bookcase and add instant vintage charm to your space. Not to mention some interesting conversation as to who owned these leather suitcases and the different countries they had seen.

So next time you get tired of walking in the airport just think you could be carrying two heavy vintage leather suitcases.

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Before there was carry on luggage

There were suitcases

Made with leather

Brass hardware

And plenty of vintage charm

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